Walking to save the dogs, sponsorloop tegen de hondenvleeshandel


Walking to Save Dogs is a Not For Profit Organization currently applying for Charitable Status.
The organization exists to support overseas organizations and individuals fighting the barbaric dog meat trade. As a dog lover myself I cannot stand by and let this continue without trying to help.
I realise that complete change is probably not going to happen in my lifetime but we have to start somewhere.
Being dog owners we know how wonderful dogs are and how wrong it is to be cruel to human’s best friend.
Walking To Save Dogs mainly raises funds through fundraising walks. My little troupers have walked Hadrian’s Wall, The West Highland Way, The Great Glen Way and the Weardale Way. So far they have raised over £10,000 and walked over 400 miles.
Our Walking Club will concentrate on the Hertfordshire Way, a 190 mile walk around Hertfordshire. Once a month we will walk a leg of about 11 miles along the Hertfordshire Way. Our first walk will be in March.
For more information about how to join and any other questions visit our website. I really hope that you all will come and make this a great fundraising event. All monies received will go to our cause.



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