Walking to save dogs: sponsorloop tegen de hondenvleeshandel.


Mijn vriend Robert Donkers loopt al jaren lange afstanden met zijn hondjes om de hondenvleeshandel onder de aandacht te brengen. Wil je hem sponsoren kijk dan op zijn site: Walking to Save Dogs


Hier is zijn verhaal:

Land’s End to John O’Groats, Over 1000 miles – An Incredible Journey from July to September 2018

In 2018, I will be walking the length of the UK – an epic 1000 mile walk to raise global awareness of the dog meat trade in the Far East and South East Asia.  For the most part I will be walking by myself in the company of my three Shih Tzus and one Chihuahua.   I will be aiming to walk about 15 miles each day. I will be camping and carry all my gear, rugsack, sleeping bag, clothes, dog accessories etc and we all sleep in my tent .

As well as raising awareness, I will also be raising funds through sponsorship.  The money will go to the not-for-profit organisation “Walking To Save Dogs”, which in turn funds charities working to abolish the dog meat trade.  However, there are of course costs involved in making the project happen to begin with.  This crow-funding push will get the project started as well as continuing to raise money for the charities.

Some background:

Millions of dogs are tortured and killed each year in the South East Asian dog meat trade.  I have been to China and witnessed with my own eyes the terrible torture our canine friends are subjected to.  I feel compelled to do something about it.  No animals deserve painful prolonged deaths; dogs are skinned alive, boiled alived, torched, thrown onto hot coals or simply cut open.   I am determined to do all I can to end this brutal practice.

The aim:

In summer 2018 I am planning to walk the entire Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise as much money as I can for “Walking To Save Dogs”.   For much of the time I will be walking alone, although friends and family  will be joining me for various parts of the route.

During the long hike I expect to raise awareness about the dog meat trade and raise more funds in order to support grass-root rescue organisations in South East Asia.

In order to get as much exposure as possible I will be using social medium like Twitter,Youtube and Facebook as well as setting up interviews with local press. I also have celebrities endorse and support my project.

Let us put a stop to the barbaric dog meat trade.  Please help me realise this goal by sponsoring me on my long walk.

Vind jij deze site ook de moeite waard?

Klik dan op deze link naar PayPal.com om een contributie te doen.

Waarvoor onze dank!

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